Congregation Connection

Christ Episcopal Church in Tyler has joined with leaders from Tyler Together and St. James CME Church to form Tyler In Common, a collective of churches and nonprofits that are starting dialogue and bringing change to all corners of Tyler.

In 2017, EHF’s Congregational Engagement team began work to support racial justice initiatives in Tyler with a screening of the documentary film, Traces of the Trade at St. Francis’ Episcopal Church. Since then, EHF has provided ongoing training and coaching with Christ Church in support of the development of Tyler In Common to bring community voices together to build healthy community by addressing racial inequities.

WATCH NOW! | Tyler In Common Collective


In another video, Christ Episcopal Church in Temple and their community partner The Un-Included Club tell about their new emerging work called The Main Street Garden.

EHF began supporting this partnership in 2019 when the two groups participated together in EHF’s Holy Currencies Ministry Incubator. Following that six-month commitment of learning and ministry development, they continue to work together to build a healthier Temple by listening and responding to the needs of the community.

WATCH NOW! | Christ Church Temple, Main Street Garden Partnership with the Unincluded Club

If you missed some of EHF’s Learning Opportunities, there is still a chance to watch the recordings. To watch any of the videos, go to the EHF’s Congregation Blog and then click the Webinar Recordings box on the top of the page.