Congregations Update the Episcopal Asset Map to Share Ministry Response to COVID-19

The Episcopal Asset Map is a joint project of the Episcopal Church and Episcopal Relief and Development. The Episcopal Asset Map showcases the ministries and assets of Episcopal Churches across the country. It began as a disaster preparedness tool that could be used to quickly identify resources and expertise available in times of crisis, but it has transformed into a community development tool for identifying church ministries in communities.

You can use it to find other churches engaged in work or initiatives you are interested in and share information and resources. Some even use it to find a church in their area to attend! And now it can serve as a tool to capture COVID-19 response from local Episcopal churches.

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to affect our communities, the Episcopal Church is encouraging congregations to update their Episcopal Asset Map profile to reflect any diocesan and parish outreach ministries.

As a partner in the Asset Map, EHF would like to encourage congregations across the Diocese of Texas to participate by updating their available resources and sharing the stories of their ministries at work!

Featured Stories from the Diocese of Texas

  • St. Peter’s/San Pedro Episcopal Church-Pasadena
    North Pasadena Community Outreach (NPCO) is a non-profit ministry of Iglesia Episcopal San Pedro in Pasadena. NPCO provided benefits assistance to families and, in partnership with the Houston Food Bank, offers a weekly food pantry. Since the pandemic, the non-profit has served nearly 250% more families.
    Read more about the ministry on the map.
  • Epiphany Episcopal Church-Houston
    ECHOS (Epiphany Community Health Outreach Services) is a non-profit ministry of Epiphany Episcopal Church in Houston. The ministry continues to serve the community by providing free medical screenings and navigation of health and social services. During the pandemic food and financial assistance services also continue. The ministry is currently accepting new volunteers, non-cash contributions, and financial donations.
    Read more about the ministry on the map.
  • St. Mark’s Episcopal Church-Beaumont
    In partnership with the South East Texas Food Bank, St. Mark’s in Beaumont continues ministry outreach through the St. Mark’s Food Pantry. The ministry is accepting financial donations, non-cash contributions, and new volunteers. Read more about their ministry on the map.

Does your congregation have an outreach ministry currently responding to the COVID-19 pandemic
? Did your ministry make any significant shifts in service or outreach? If so, you can share your congregation’s ministry stories during the COVID-19 pandemic by doing the following:

1) Update COVID-19 Status
The COVID-19 status form allows Asset Map users to see the available resources in their area for assistance or services. Congregations can provide information on any programs or outreach ministries that provide financial assistance, food distribution, or other services to address the needs of those affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

2) Episcopal Asset Map Story Sharing
The Episcopal Asset Map is the perfect opportunity to share the story of how your ministries are shifting and adapting during the COVID-19 pandemic. The collection of stories will help congregations learn from one another and identify the best ways to address a crisis.

For more information on how to update or use your Asset Map, watch the YouTube video below: