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EHF announces $4 million investment to raise community voices to become advocates for their own health

New grants strengthen organizations across Texas that work with populations at greater risk for poor health.
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New EHF grant deadlines released for 2019

The first deadline to submit a Letter of Inquiry for certain 2019 EHF grants is in December 2018.
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New numbers show Texas continues to have the highest uninsured rate & the highest number of people without health insurance in the U.S.

After three years of improvement, new Census data released this month shows that 4.8 million Texans don't have health insurance - about 270,000 more than last year.
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EHF's Hurricane Harvey survey shines a light on struggles of those most in need

One year after the storm, EHF's survey of residents in 24 hardest-hit counties is giving government and recovery groups key information on what vulnerable Texans say they still need the most to bounce back from Harvey's punch.
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How nail salon workers helped turn the idea of community-centered health into reality

Medical care can help treat the symptoms, but medical care alone wasn’t the key to improving their health. See how a focus on health, not just healthcare is changing lives across Houston.
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