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EHF announces $17 million investment to strengthen the health system and community-based clinics in Texas

EHF announces new grants to help community-based clinics provide a wider range of health services and go beyond the doctor’s office to address underlying causes of poor health.
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New EHF Texas Health Policy Poll: More than half of Texans say it’s difficult for them to afford health care

EHF's new statewide survey shows that Texans now say health care is the toughest living expense for them to afford, and they're skipping needed medical care because of cost.
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Legislative Update: What happened with health in Austin?

Read Elena Marks' recap of the recent 2019 Texas Legislature when it comes to advancing health across the state.
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EHF joins national effort to look at a new way to help communities reduce costs and improve health by channeling investment “upstream”

Learn more about how your organization and community could benefit from an innovative financial model that's focused on health, not just healthcare, and pursues upstream solutions to chronic health issues.
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New report: Large increase in number of community clinics in Harris County over the past decade leads to three times higher patient volume

The number of community clinics in Harris County providing primary care to low-income and uninsured patients has more than doubled in the past 10 years, which in turn has tripled patient volume, but difficulty connecting those patients with specialty care is a significant concern.
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