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EHF invests $3.4 million in groundbreaking effort to strengthen early childhood brain development in Texas

Projects focus on low-cost, evidence-based ways to help parents/caregivers build their infants’ healthy brains.
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New EHF Report: The Uninsured in Texas

Two-thirds of Texans without health insurance live in working families and more than half are in families that include at least one full-time worker. These are just some of the findings from The Uninsured in Texas, a detailed report written by Urban Institute analysts and sponsored by EHF.
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WATCH & SHARE: "We have to change what we pay for. It's just that simple."

Why does the U.S. spend almost all of our health money on healthcare and our HEALTH isn't getting better? In this video for social media, EHF's Elena Marks describes ways we can improve #HealthNotJustHealthcare in Texas.
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In case you missed it: Remember these health insurance ghosts of Christmas past?

In an opinion column in the Houston Chronicle, EHF's Elena Marks says while the Affordable Care Act is far from perfect, the health insurance situation of today is preferable to the ghosts of Christmas past.
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