Evaluation Overview


 “From the beginning, we’ve been dedicated to being transparent and measuring the true impact of our work to create healthier communities in Texas,” said Elena Marks, EHF’s president and CEO. “We publish our evaluation reports because we want to be accountable as a health philanthropy.”

EHF’s evaluation team developed the framework for the foundation’s strategic learning and evaluation system in 2015. EHF’s yearly evaluation reports examine how well EHF’s resources have been deployed, assess the outcomes of its investments and community impact, and evaluate the impact of the mission moving forward.

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Learn more about EHF's Impact Evaluation Reports:

2017 Impact Evaluation Report

2016 Impact Evaluation Report

2015 Impact Evaluation Report



See EHF's article in The Foundation Review sharing what we learned from interviews with foundations across the nation about how to build meaningful evaluation and learning work:

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