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Congregation Spotlight: Christ Episcopal Church, Cedar Park -- Making Connections

With curiosity and a call to care, one congregation is making connections with neighbors and organizations with a focus on mental health
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Watch Now: Wellness Talks by The Rev. Scott Stoner on Living Compass

Discover how Living Compass supports wellness for congregations and communities
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November elections are fast approaching: 3 ways congregations & individuals can get involved

The Episcopal Church and the state of Texas offer a variety of resources to help your congregation and community support the issues that matter most to you!
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Episcopal congregations explore new ministry ideas through the Fall 2018 Holy Currencies Program

The Fall 2018 Holy Currencies Program launched with six teams from across the diocese to share their visions of community ministry
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Fall learning opportunities for congregations

Curious about poverty, racial reconciliation, mental health or community organizing? This resource is for you!
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