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Raise your community’s voice through voter registration and engagement

Explore what it means to be a Texas Voter Deputy Registrar and how your congregation can raise community voice through voter engagement
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WATCH NOW: How neighbors have shaped St. Paul’s/San Pablo, Houston

The Rev. Ed Gomez shares his congregation's story and how they have seen the neighborhood's changing demographics not as a challenge, but as a call to ministry.
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Holy Currencies congregations make headway on building transformational ministry

When churches partner to create healthy communities, they in turn become healthier places, too. Learn how six congregations are making an impact and how your church can do the same.
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Big turnout for In Common 2019 - Austin

Learn more about EHF's first In Common 2019 gathering in Austin and two upcoming opportunities to learn with congregations in Houston (May 10-11) and Tyler (June 7-8).
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