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Small church, big impact

Never underestimate the power 13 church members can have on their community. With curiosity and care, The Rev. Nanda Perry shares how St. Philip’s is talking to their town and discovering together what the future may bring to small town Texas.
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EHF welcomes Willie Bennett as the newest Congregational Engagement Officer

Bennett comes to EHF after more than 25 years of working to bring positive change to communities with congregations, schools and other organizations.
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Three regional opportunities for congregations to attend EHF’s 2019 In Common conference

Join the Episcopal Health Foundation and other churches from across the diocese as we gather to learn and share the stories of our work with community. Learn more about 2019 regional conferences in Austin, Houston and Tyler.
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Perspectives on racial reconciliation in the church

Constance and Dain Perry travel the country screening Traces of the Trade and facilitating dialogues on racial reconciliation. They write about their experiences and offer encouragement for work within the Diocese of Texas.
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EHF invests $3.4 million in groundbreaking effort to strengthen early childhood brain development in Texas

Projects focus on low-cost, evidence-based ways to help parents/caregivers build their infants’ healthy brains.
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