Oct 21 2015

Tackling complexity through Emergent Learning

Emergent Learning word cloud.png

In order to fulfill EHF’s bold vision, we must find new ways to adapt to complex social challenges. Because change is constant, we can't over-rely on some of the traditional ways for planning and measuring progress. Enter EHF’s interest in Emergent Learning.

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Sep 29 2015

Making decisions using a "health" lens

Kids and parent walk.jpg

Lexi Nolen explains the reasoning behind EHF's new Health Impact Assessment partnership. See how two new projects will look at how city planning decisions affect community health.

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Sep 15 2015

In 2015, we need “different” not just “more”

Screen Shot 2015-05-22 at 10.53.01 AM.pngAccess to health care alone does not create healthy communities, nor will more access to more care. We need something different: we need to set our sights on health, not just health care.


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Sep 8 2015

Suicide is everyone's problem

Screen Shot 2015-09-08 at 9.46.30 AM.png

September 7th through September 13th is our nation’s 41st Annual Suicide Prevention Week.  I couldn’t let these dates go by without taking the time to talk to you about the most preventable form of death: suicide.  

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Aug 12 2015

Access Denied

ER shot.png

Two patients in Houston face the same condition.  But the difference in the health care each patient receives is worlds apart and tells the real story of what happens when someone doesn’t have access to health services in Texas.




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Aug 3 2015

Taking Stock

Elena Marks.jpg

We’re six months into executing on our first strategic operating plan, 18 months into my tenure, a little over two years into our actual existence, and I’m taking stock.


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Jul 15 2015

Filling the "Rural" Void

Screen Shot 2015-07-15 at 9.20.35 AM.png

A new federal study shows rural areas get a small share of foundation grants across the country.  EHF hopes to change that in Texas.


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Jul 9 2015

The Road to Impact: Evaluation

Screen Shot 2015-07-09 at 4.08.08 PM.png

EHF knows our work toward systems change must involve the transformation of philanthropy itself and how funders partner with communities. That's why we're beginning the challenging – and rewarding – work of establishing evaluation methods and how they'll help us measure the true impact of our work.

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Jun 22 2015

EHF's Theory of Change

#3 Katy idea board.jpg

EHF's Theory of Change is a statement about how change is expected to occur and the role that initiatives play in producing that change. It explains our core beliefs about transformation toward healthy communities.

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Jun 9 2015

From the Pulpit to the People


It has been said that churches are the heart of a community.  A place to worship, reflect and support one another while demonstrating faith through works of service and helping others.  But It was inspiring to hear a priest ask his outreach team “how do we move from charity work to transformational work?” 

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Jun 3 2015

Science should guide health decisions

We all know the drill: The U.S. spends significantly more on health care than all other countries in the world, and yet we have poorer health outcomes than almost all industrialized nations. Some contend that we shouldn't spend 18 percent of gross domestic product on health care. I agree, but not because good health isn't worth that much, but because we aren't getting value for our dollars.

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May 27 2015

To Community and Beyond

Elean talk wide #2.jpg

A community is so much more than geographical boundaries, neighborhoods and institutions. Our goal of developing community-driven, people-centered health systems is contingent on our understanding of the complex web of shared experiences and identities that inform people’s community affiliations.

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May 21 2015

Spreading Transformation - the One Simple Way You Can Help

NAM photo.jpg

We just announced our first-ever grant partners. But what's the one thing they have in common that we'd like to improve? See how you can help spread positive change and transformation to community health across Texas.

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May 7 2015

Texas sees more areas with shortages in primary care doctors, workforce


Texas growing population creates perfect storm for areas with shortages in primary care doctors, workforce. So, how can EHF help?

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Apr 28 2015

The Roseto Connection

Screen Shot 2015-04-28 at 3.09.53 PM.png

Why the "Roseto" effect shows us connection can still be the foundation of community health.

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Apr 22 2015

Simply Sane -- The Potential of Strategic Learning

Cloud 1(1).pngIf the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results, then strategic learning is simply sane.  Like you, we care about getting better at what we do. Right now, EHF is laying the groundwork for continuous improvement processes.

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Apr 16 2015

What Makes a Good Grant Proposal? Part II: Decision-making Variables

Grant workshop for web.jpgIn keeping with the theme of what makes a good grant proposal, I want to share with you some of the variables we consider in our decision-making. Those variables can be categorized into five broad areas: alignment, organization overview, finances, administration, and strength of the proposal.

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Apr 8 2015

Why Strategic Philanthropy Makes a Difference

panoramic roadshow.jpg

EHF embraces an emerging thread of philanthropy that utilizes strategic planning, evaluation, and learning systems. We want to be accountable for the resources we steward, and we believe communities deserve that kind of accountability. But how does strategic philanthropy differ from non-strategic philanthropy?

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Mar 23 2015

Vulnerable Populations - What Makes Flowers Bloom?

Flowers bloom.jpg

Flowers, like people, come in so many beautiful forms. They are resilient and strong with an inner desire to bloom to the fullest potential.  So, how do we help vulnerable populations "bloom" when it comes to community health?

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Mar 11 2015

Connected Communities: Building Trust Across Difference

Strategic Planning.jpg

On Sunday, the Houston Chronicle highlighted that approximately one million people, or 1 in 4 Houstonians, is foreign born. The diversity of perspectives in the region, not tied just to ethnicity, demand that local communities work across differences in order to build trust.  At the same time, conflicting viewpoints present the possibility of better community solutions.

The second goal in EHF’s Strategic Plan is Building Connected Communities. What do we mean by Connected Communities?

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