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Nov 22 2019

The 21-Year-Gap

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From the Understanding Houston blog, EHF's Robiel Abraha writes about the "The 21-Year-Gap" -- highlighting our latest research showing why non-medical factors where we live have a dramatic impact on our health.

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Oct 8 2019

Opinion: Let's make the drivers of health the focus of the HEALTH debate


Screen Shot 2019-09-26 at 3.22.16 PM.pngIn a Houston Chronicle op-ed, EHF CEO Elena Marks writes that when it comes to the presidential debates on health care, it's not enough to talk about the health care system without a focus on actually improving HEALTH.

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Jul 24 2019

Making our community healthier means improving health, not just healthcare

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At no cost to taxpayers, EHF is spearheading a research project in Harrison County that will take a closer look at the relationship of how the county spends funds and the health of those who live here. This project is one example of how we all need to change the conversation to improving health, not just healthcare across Texas.

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“The state can actually do something about it. This was a session on education, not so much on health. Maybe next time’s the health session,” says EHF's Elena Marks on Texas Standard. EHF's new statewide poll shows healthcare affordability & access remain consistent struggles for the majority of Texans, yet little was done to address those issues at the state legislature. #HealthNotJustHealthcare

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Dec 22 2018

Remember these health insurance ghosts from Christmas past?

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In an opinion column in the Houston Chronicle, EHF's Elena Marks says while the Affordable Care Act is far from perfect, the health insurance situation of today is preferable to the ghosts of Christmas past.

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Screen Shot 2018-07-06 at 9.25.49 AM.png

The numbers show that an overwhelming majority of Texans enrolled in the ACA marketplace are returning enrollees and are largely shielded from the premium increases because of federal tax credits. Any discussion to eliminate the ACA marketplace without a clear policy alternative would risk adding another 1.1 million Texans to the uninsured population and returning the state uninsured rate to more than 20 percent.

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Apr 25 2018

How YOU can change the conversation to focus on HEALTH, not just healthcare


If we change the conversation and become focused on the importance of health, not just healthcare, we can save money and improve health outcomes.

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Mar 29 2018

Guest Post: Let's address hunger and other community determinants of health

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Poverty and food insecurity are "just as worthy of our attention as headaches, diabetes and asthma" says Dr. Pritesh Gandhi at People's Community Clinic in Austin. Read about his work with EHF's $10 million Texas Community Centered Health Homes Initiative.

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Mar 18 2018

Learn the difference between healthcare and health

Angel from Asthma home visitation project.jpg

Health care is a means to an end, and health is that end. There is no inherent value in health care, apart from its impact on health. Because we talk about health care as if it were the same as health, we miss out on opportunities to improve health that fall outside of the health care paradigm. We’re so worried about health care costs that we’ve forgotten to look at health.

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EHF's Lexi Nolen writes about the development and importance of the Texas CCHH Initiative in the national Health Affairs blog.

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Jul 19 2017

Beyond “To Close Or Not To Close” Rural Hospitals

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A new EHF report with the Rural and Community Health Institute (RCHI) at Texas A&M University looks at possible solutions for rural communities in Texas facing a hospital closure.

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Jun 19 2017

The American Health Care Act: a civil and moral failure

Healthcare for the Homeless doctor and patient.png

The American Health Care Act, followed by the release of the White House's proposed budget, represent a radical departure from a core belief that held this country together for the last century - the belief that we're all in this together. There's a lot of talk about who is worthy of compassion, and therefore help, and who is not; the deserving poor versus the undeserving poor. Too many people seem to have confused merit with grace.

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Jan 5 2017

Enrollment for Affordable Care Act health insurance reaches record numbers

Memorial Asst Ministries enrollment.png

New numbers show enrollment for Affordable Care Act reaches a new record despite a possible repeal of the law by Congress. There's still much communities can do to ensure more Texans sign up for health insurance NOW.

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Apr 20 2016

New Affordable Care Act numbers reveal "coverage gap" in Texas

ACA health insurance enrollment map 2016.png

The recent release of Affordable Care Act health insurance enrollment numbers in Texas reveal a "coverage gap" and other important needs across the state.

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Apr 11 2016

New evidence shows additional benefits of Medicaid expansion in Texas

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Texas is doubling down on its efforts to improve the state’s mental and behavioral health system.  Despite these efforts, the State Legislature left one critical topic out of the discussion: Medicaid expansion.

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Mar 7 2016

Do you really understand health insurance terms?

Health insurance terms blog word art.png

Be honest. If you had to take a test on knowing the ins and out of health insurance terms, would you pass?

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Feb 29 2016

UPDATE: Closing the mental health care gap in East Texas


See how the Foundation's partnership with Seminary of the Southwest and Burke is already working to help fill the need for quality mental health services in East Texas.

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Feb 8 2016

The Good, the Bad, and what's needed next in Texas

Healthcare for the Homeless doctor and patient.png

The latest Affordable Care Act health insurance enrollment numbers show some encouraging trends, but much more can be done to help increase access to health services for all Texans.

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Jan 12 2016

Time for a reality check on health insurance

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Health insurance costs are going up, but it's time to inject some reality into the national conversation about health care and how we pay for it.

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Oct 26 2015

Philanthropic dollars are no substitute for good policy

Alithea speaks to Medicaid 1115 waiver.png

Funding from the Episcopal Health Foundation and other philanthropies can provide a launching pad for a nascent idea, build the capacity of a long-standing organization, and absorb risk for high-risk but high-reward initiatives. But our dollars cannot -- nor should they have to -- compensate for a faulty system.

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Sep 29 2015

Making decisions using a "health" lens

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Lexi Nolen explains the reasoning behind EHF's new Health Impact Assessment partnership. See how two new projects will look at how city planning decisions affect community health.

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Sep 15 2015

In 2015, we need “different” not just “more”

Screen Shot 2015-05-22 at 10.53.01 AM.pngAccess to health care alone does not create healthy communities, nor will more access to more care. We need something different: we need to set our sights on health, not just health care.


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Aug 12 2015

Access Denied

ER shot.png

Two patients in Houston face the same condition.  But the difference in the health care each patient receives is worlds apart and tells the real story of what happens when someone doesn’t have access to health services in Texas.




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Aug 3 2015

Taking Stock

Elena Marks.jpg

We’re six months into executing on our first strategic operating plan, 18 months into my tenure, a little over two years into our actual existence, and I’m taking stock.


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Jun 22 2015

EHF's Theory of Change

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EHF's Theory of Change is a statement about how change is expected to occur and the role that initiatives play in producing that change. It explains our core beliefs about transformation toward healthy communities.

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May 7 2015

Texas sees more areas with shortages in primary care doctors, workforce


Texas growing population creates perfect storm for areas with shortages in primary care doctors, workforce. So, how can EHF help?

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Apr 8 2015

Why Strategic Philanthropy Makes a Difference

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EHF embraces an emerging thread of philanthropy that utilizes strategic planning, evaluation, and learning systems. We want to be accountable for the resources we steward, and we believe communities deserve that kind of accountability. But how does strategic philanthropy differ from non-strategic philanthropy?

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