Survey of Congregations

In order to inform our strategy for how best to work with congregations within the Episcopal Diocese of Texas and to help strengthen their ability to build healthy communities, EHF conducted a survey of congregations designed to help understand:

  • how well congregations feel they understand the needs in their communities and what are the top concerns impacting their communities

  • what congregations are currently doing that can serve as models for congregations and community partnerships

  • which congregations feel ready to begin, improve or expand their ministries

  • what resources or support might be helpful to congregations. 

Of the 150+ Diocesan churches, 82 congregations responded to the survey. Additionally, our Congregational Engagement staff visited more dozens of congregations and met with clergy and lay leaders across the Diocese. The results of the survey reinforced what we heard in our conversations about the best ways the Foundation can support congregations to help build healthy communities.

We would like extend a special note of thanks to each and every one of you who have taken the time to share your stories with us. Together, we have a tremendous opportunity to realize our vision for healthy communities for all. The results of this survey help lay the path for the first steps of our journey together.

See the full report: Congregational Survey on Community Health

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